Dear Students and Parents,

It’s Back-to-School time! We hope you are enjoying your summer! Jiahua school’s new school year is about to begin, our first class will be on Saturday, September 1st, 2018. See you soon!

If you need, there is a help

Class learning is an essential and a crucial part of the whole learning process, especially learning a language. Jia Hua School also believes that, apart from class learning, using outside help in your practice of a language is very important. You may find the following website, which provides with supplementary materials to our text and exercise books quite interesting.

JIA HUA “Root Seeking” Summer Camp

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JIA HUA “Journey to China” Summer Camp

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JIA HUA Theme Summer Camp

Yu Peng’s New Concept Children Art Camp Albert Einstein once said: ”Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Yu Peng is a firm believer of this philosophy. Graduated from Central China Normal University, he has been in the fore front of children visual art education for many years, both in China and in Canada. His teaching technique is, as he puts it, something out of the ordinary, in a way, more emphasizing on setting stages for child’s imagination rather than telling them what to think and what to draw. So, join Yu Peng this summer and see how he is going to assist and encourage children to observe, to feel and to create beauty through a work of art. Zhi Mei’s Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Camp If you prefer your child spending this summer in a rather unique way by exploring a very different and foreign art form, how about participating Zhi Mei’s Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Camp and to learn how to paint and draw with a round tipped brush, the Chinese way. Zhi Mei is a true master of Chinese painting education. She taught at Faculty of Art, Sichuan University and has been an art teacher at Jia Hua for many years. It is guaranteed that through 8 weeks of intensive learning and practising, your child will be able to show you some works you can never imagine a child can do.

Ai Min’s Ping Pang Camp

Ping pang is considered as the national game in China simply because this country dominates the sport in the world for decades and is the most vastly participated sport in China as well. Ai Min used to coach the Zhejiang Provincial Ping Pang Team, and at Jia Hua, he devotes all his efforts as to promote the sport and to train young and enthusiastic Ping Pang lovers. His goal is to promote this popular sport to the level that one day, Jia Hua Ping Pang Team will be able to compete not only in the province, but in the country, and even in China.


Jia Hua School of Montreal, which was founded in February, 1994, is a Chinese community weekend school, duly registered as a non-profit organization and was designated by the Chinese highest authority concerned as a model school for teaching Chinese, one of the only five in Canada. Operating on Saturdays only, the school carries a mission to promote the interest, the knowledge and the understanding of Chinese culture, to strengthen academic learning, and to help students build a solid foundation to develop themselves in an all-around way, morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.

Although the goal of the school when it was firstly established is to serve the Chinese community, teaching younger generation Chinese language skills, it is open to the whole society, welcoming anyone who or whose children may be interested in learning Chinese as well as Chinese culture and arts.

Jia Hua School offers a whole range of Chinese courses for all age groups, as young as 5 years old up to senior level. The school operates “Two Tier” Chinese teaching systems, one for Mandarin Chinese speaking children, the other one for those who don’t speak Mandarin Chinese at home, not including 5 levels of Chinese learning for adults.

Over the years, Jia Hua School of Montreal has developed from a tiny operation of just a few classes into one of the largest Chinese schools in North America with more than 1000 students and 100 teachers and staff.

Situated at the beautiful campus of Dawson College downtown Montreal, Jia Hua School is not only conveniently located, but also enjoys tremendous reputation as the best place among community schools to learn Mandarin Chinese and other related subjects. We believe our success is wholly due to the dedication of our teaching staff, the support of the parents and the Chinese community as well as effective management of our school administrative team.